Thank you for showing your support for the equine industry over the last few years! As an active industry stakeholder, we are pleased to introduce you to the newly formed California Horse Power Coalition.

Horse racing is a popular sport among Californians – 30.5% of households in California have a horse enthusiast in their home – but the industry has a greater impact than many people realize. Through this coalition, we aim to educate the public about these benefits and create space to share resources and information.

This November, we hit the ground running by announcing our coalition to the California Horse Racing Board. Now, as we move into 2023, we look forward to providing you with updates and opportunities to get involved in our work to showcase the industry’s impact on the economy, jobs, tourism, agricultural sustainability, and culture of our state.


Meet Our Coalition

The California Horse Power Coalition is a growing partnership between Thoroughbred associations, backstretch workers and jockeys, aftercare providers, veterinarians and more. Meet our members, all united in our mission to preserve and protect California’s vibrant equestrian culture.

We know our industry will have a greater impact when we speak as one voice. If you are interested in joining the California Horse Power Coalition, please complete this form on our website and someone will reach out to you with next steps.


Upcoming Events

We hope to see you at these upcoming events, as we continue to introduce our coalition to the equine world. Stop by our event tables to show your support and learn how you can get more involved.

Plus, be on the lookout for advocacy opportunities in 2023! This spring, we are organizing a Lobby Day for our supporters to meet with their state legislators, educate them about the industry, and position our coalition as a resources for accurate, reliable information about horse racing.


Share Your Story

Throughout our work, the California Horse Power Coalition seeks to highlight the hardworking individuals — the backstretch workers, jockeys, breeders, trainers, and more — who contribute to our community and culture every day.

If you or someone you know has a story to share about how the equine industry has touched their lives, please email [email protected] with your story, or to set up an interview with our team.


In The News


Connect With Us

We want to hear from you! Let us know what issues are important to you – and please make sure to sign up to receive regular updates if you have not already. Next year, we are launching coalition social media accounts, so stay tuned!